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Why did Bag Riders decide to make Super Low Air Suspension? Aren't there enough air suspension kits available today?

Super Low Air Suspension is unique and unlike all other air suspension solutions available today. It is not “just another company’s air suspension”! After many years, thousands of air ride kits sold, and countless installs on our own vehicles, we have built a LOT of hands-on experience. We have not found a single air suspension that allowed us to drive as low as we wanted to, so we decided to make it ourselves. With that decision, Super Low Air Suspension by Bag Riders, was born.

What makes Super Low Air Suspension different from other air suspensions?

To put it simply: Super Low by Bag Riders is the only air suspension specifically designed for driving low. But how is this different than other air suspensions available today? The key difference is our air springs and damper characteristics. You will notice our air springs are smaller in size than the typical air springs you see. Our smaller air springs yield a higher spring rate at low drive heights when compared to every other air suspension available today. Our dampers feature extra-large 20mm rods when possible, which provide greater damping force compared to smaller diameter rods found on competing dampers. Finally, we are able to fine-tune our dampers using our in-house shock dynamometer to derive the perfect damping curve and ideal ride quality at low drive heights.

Does Super Low Air Suspension provide the same lifting capabilities as other air suspensions?

No. Super Low Air Suspension will typically have an inch or two less lift than other air suspensions. This is a deliberate trade-off in order to achieve our target spring rates at low drive heights. You will see an “all-up” photo on every application page to understand what the upper limit of Super Low air suspension is. We believe that this sacrifice is well worth the benefit of being able to drive at our desired low driving heights and aggressive spring rates.

Why is Super Low Air Suspension so good at driving low?

Our USA-made air springs and racing-rooted dampers deliver the perfect combination of aggressive damping forces and spring rates at low drive heights that are not possible with any other air suspension. At our target low drive heights, Super Low Air Suspension  delivers higher spring rates compared to competitive air suspensions at the same low drive height.

Will you develop a suspension kit for < insert car here >?

Maybe! We are always developing Super Low Suspension Kits for new applications. If you wish to request an application, let us know and we’ll put it on the radar. In the meantime, keep an eye on Bag Riders social media channels (like Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok) for some behind-the-scenes action and sneak-peeks into our R&D facility to catch a glimpse of what’s coming next!

How does air spring size correlate to spring rate?

Air spring size, more specifically, the spring’s volume, determines the spring rate curve as well as the spring’s rating at a given pressure and length (i.e., height). Since air springs are progressive by nature, the spring rate increases as the spring is compressed.

When comparing air springs side-by-side on the same vehicle, a smaller volume air spring will yield a higher spring rate at a shorter height when compared to a larger volume air spring. The larger volume air spring will require less pressure to achieve the same height as the smaller air spring, which means a lower spring rate at that given height. In case you’re new to lowered cars, a low spring rate is the exact opposite of what you want for super low drive heights. We solved that problem for you 🙂

Why the radial bearing on McPherson applications? Isn't a pillowball enough?

Most air suspension systems available today utilize a pillowball in the upper mount that performs double-duty as a radial bearing. Unfortunately, pillowballs are not bearings, so these parts tend to wear out prematurely which results in an obnoxious clunk and sloppy suspension. Our proprietary radial bearing design solves this problem by, wait for it, being a bearing. By adding a bearing, we extend the life of the pillowball whilst also providing a smoother steering response. This is just one of the many experience-backed design decisions that make Super Low Air Suspension an incredible product.

What kind of testing goes into this stuff?

To sum it up: lots. Quite frankly, it’s arguably our favorite part of developing Super Low Air Suspension: we get to drive some pretty awesome cars! Every Super Low Suspension Kit is road tested by our team of experts who collectively deliver a half-century of air suspension experience. On top of road testing, our in-house shock dynamometer is a critical tool for testing and tuning our dampers to ensure the perfect ride quality at low drive heights. Every kit is pressure-tested during assembly in order to ensure a leak-free product.

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