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Back in 2009, our team founded Bag Riders — the “one-stop drop shop” for everything air suspension. After many suspension installations on our personal vehicles, we noticed what was missing — air suspension designed specifically for driving low.

Before Super Low, our team had some unique ways to get that car on the ground. We swapped damper bodies out for shorter ones, allowing us to thread the suspension to a shorter length. We tried using different brands altogether, pairing a variety of dampers with different off-the-shelf air springs.

Try as we may, no combination we tried was exactly what we wanted for ourselves. At this moment, we realized that the air suspension solution we were looking for simply did not exist and thus, the idea for Super Low Air Suspension was born; an air suspension designed specifically for driving low.

As passionate, life-long enthusiasts, we are proud and excited for you to experience Super Low Air Suspension. We are confident that if you love driving lowered cars like we do, you will love Super Low Air Suspension.

Our Values

Quality First

In the world of aftermarket automotive, quality is unfortunately quite often a point of scrutiny. Providing only the best quality parts is another way we achieve our mission. We take pride in the products we choose to sell on as well as when we choose to stand by our core values and forgo adding a product to our online store. We will not list a product for sale if it is not a part that we would install on our own personal vehicles.

Be Passionate

Bag Riders is owned, operated and was founded by passionate enthusiasts who love air suspension and want to help others achieve the same enjoyment. We will never lose sight of this love for air suspension, cars, and our community in general. Wrenching on cars will always be part of our culture, and we will always have passion-fueled projects in the works or being dreamed of. We will always be a helpful and happy member of the automotive community.

Always Be Learning

In order to share the best air suspension knowledge today and into the future, we will continue to educate and improve ourselves as the air suspension industry changes and evolves. We will improve our knowledge through hands-on use of the products we choose to sell, so that when you communicate with an Air Ride Expert at Bag Riders you can be assured knowing it is someone who is speaking from experience. We will educate ourselves on automotive and suspension technical principles so that our recommendations and problem solving are rooted in technical understanding. We will always learn from our customers and improve ourselves from their feedback.

Product Availability

Part of an outstanding air suspension experience is getting your parts, and getting them quickly. We get it, we're car people too. Because of this, we will maintain our own physical inventory of products and employ our own order fulfillment staff so that we can have as much control of the fulfillment chain as possible, and hold ourselves to the highest standards with that responsibility. We strive for a same day shipping, 7 days a week on any in-stock purchase.*

Sharing Our Knowledge

Firstly, we make our expert air suspension knowledge available to everyone. We hope that by doing so, any person interested in learning about air suspension can do so easily, with access to expert knowledge. When Bag Riders was founded in 2009, accurate and reliable air suspension knowledge was hard to come by. By making our expert knowledge easily available and accessible in as many mediums as we can, we will help both new and existing air suspension owners have a better air ride experience. We create and upload both educational and how-to videos to our YouTube channel, and share examples of what air suspension can do for a vehicle's function and aesthetics on our Instagram. On our website and online store, we share common questions and answers as well as bolstering the most accurate and complete technical information about air suspension products. Our live chat allows you to engage directly with one of our Air Ride Experts while shopping for products. And while technology is at our core, we equally value a good ol' fashioned conversation. That's why you can call us and speak to one of our Air Ride Experts who will be happy to chat with you.

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